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New Laser-like Lipo Technology Extracts Fat
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Lose 15-26 lbs and 9-21 Inches of Fat in Almost No Time at All!

1) Electromagnetic light forces the fat cells to open 2) Allowing the fat to escape 3) The fat cells empty & shrink...and so do you! It's that simple!

How it Works

Waves of electromagnetic light force your fat cells to unlock, allowing the contents to spill out to be naturally metabolized by the body.

And, unlike traditional liposuction, there is no pain, no bruising, no swelling, no drugs, and no downtime. In other words, NO side-effects whatsoever! It’s high-tech body sculpting that’s 100% safe, simple and affordable, and as relaxing as any spa treatment.






Laser-like Lipo Technology is the ultimate body contouring solution! It allows us to spot shrink any area of the body that contains unsightly subcutaneous fat in areas such as the belly and waist, outer and inner thighs, butt, under the chin, arms, or anywhere fat and cellulite is concentrated on your body.

Most people lose 1-2 inches from the waist area in one 45-minute treatment!

But don't take our word for it! From now until October 30th you can experience this remarkable new technology for yourself... FREE!

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The Smart Body Institute is a one-of-a-kind health and lifestyle enhancement center that combines the latest in fat-loss technology with the time-tested quick behavior-change techniques of award-winning author and renowned hypnotist, Patrick K. Porter, PhD. 

This unique mind/body approach to weight-loss provides you everything you need to slim down, get healthy, and enjoy an exceptional quality of life. Our clients lose weight and keep it off for good, all without popping a single pill, weighing food, or depriving themselves of the food they enjoy - with the side benefits of less stress, better sleep, and a more positive outlook on life!

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